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My roommate always complained about the smoke and burning smell in our dorm. I've had it setup for a month and she hasn't said a word! - Maria S, USA

desktop air purifier

desktop air purifier

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Efficiently filter all types of smoke

Instantly purify fumes from cooking, grilling, or smoking indoors without worrying about lingering odor.

Increase air quality by 300%

Lorivu's multi-layer carbon filter traps dangerous chemicals from poluting your air & causing extensive build up.

Changed the lives of 34,000+ people

  • customers reported significantly reduced odor after smoking & cooking

  • customers reported noticing a significant increase in air quality

  • customers reported a significant decrease of smoke & chemical build up


Does this work with tobacco & weed smoke?

Yes, the carbon filters eliminate 97% of all types of smokes, odors, & chemicals.

Does it make noise?

No, our smoke purifier is extremely discreet & quiet.

Do the filters need to be replaced?

After multiple uses the filters may need to be replaced. Washing & cleaning them will allow them to last much longer.